Operating for over 40 years in Commercial Construction


“Attention to Detail: A Key Factor in Maintaining and Expanding Our Client Base”

Having built over 400 commercial schemes, we excel at providing economically viable design and build solutions to our clients. Each job is unique and can range from anywhere between 2,000 – 200,000 sqft in size as single or multiple units.

Mitchells Design & Construction offers industrial design and construction services for clients. Industrial design is an important aspect of the fourth industrial revolution, which is characterized by the integration of advanced technologies into manufacturing processes

. As part of their sustainable design approach, Mitchells Design & Construction can help clients create energy-efficient and environmentally friendly industrial buildings.

Whether the development is for an owner occupier or to be speculatively built or pre-let for a developer, the same attention to detail is applied. It is this attention to detail and professionalism that maintains and augments our client base.